Hair Services 

Welcome to HB@33, where we offer thorough consultations attention to detail and a great atmosphere. Using only the best products to achieve your perfect hair style! We offer all aspects off hairdressing including Balayage, extensions, foils, up styles and smoothing treatments just to name a few. We pride our selves on staying up to date with the latest fashions and techniques, continually taking part in training courses to keep our skills on point.

Hair Treatments

Prices from:

Conditioning treatment - $50 

Hydrating first plex - $50 

Niophlex stand alone treatment - $50 

Plex add in - $30


Prices from:

Require's a free, pre consultation

Hair extensions - see below for estimated pricing

Micro bead maintenance - $150 

Re-tape - $150

Relaxer Keratin treatment - $250

Colour & Foils

Prices from:

Balayage - $150 

Colour correction - $100

Colour long - $95

Colour medium - $90 

Colour short - $70 

Regrowth - $65 

Scalp bleach - $100 

Toner - $40

Foils individual - $40

Full head highlights - $150 

Half head highlughts - $100 

Partial highlight - $75

    Cut & style

Prices from:

Braids - $20

Clipper cut - $17 

Fringe trim - $10 

GHD curls - $40 

Iron only - $25 

Mens haircut - $25

Shampoo - $15  

Special occasions / up do - $80

Blow dry short - $30 

Blow dry medium - $45

Blow dry long - $55

Women’s haircut - $35 

Women’s hair cut & blow dry short - $55 

Women’s hair cut & blow dry long - $69

Childs cut - $20

Childs cut & style - $25

Hair Extension's

Do you want hair extensions that give you the look you want and leave you feeling amazing?

Hair extensions can give you the look you want and leave you feeling more confident than you’ve ever felt, but get it wrong and you could end up with hair extensions that don’t look real or damage your hair.

We here at HB@33 specialise in hair extensions making sure you get quality hair offering J’adore both Russian and Indian hair that is double drawn. Using the best application for you tape extensions, bead extensons and skin weft extensions.​

All extension packages include:

  • Premium J’adore hair applied with method of your choice

  • Professional application by qualified technician

  • Professional cut and blend by qualified technician

  • Follow up appointment if requested

  • A brush specially design to keep your extensions maintained

Price Guide: All extensions need a thorough consultation appointment at least a few days before.

Indian                                                                                          Russian

$295    50g     HALF HEAD   (22inches)                           $375

$590   100g   FULL HEAD   (22inches)                             $750


Indian VS Russian hair


Our high grade Remy Indian hair has begun as dark hair and has been coloured to the various shades available. This process is performed gently to maintain a beautiful texture to the hair, but the hair will require more maintenance & have a shorter life.


Thicker hair, course hair


Approximately 6 – 8 months


Requires high maintenance


Our premium Remy Russian hair is the highest quality available. It’s original colour has not been altered further than a few shades therefore making it healthier hair & easier to maintain. Recommended for lighter hair shades & those who prefer a lower maintenance option.

  • Finer hair, soft hair

  • Approximately 8 – 10+ months

  • Requires low-medium maintenance

AGI ONE Brazilian Straightening Smoothing System

AGI ONE is the best thing to happen to hair smoothing yet! It’s unique technology works to smooth and condition hair by releasing nanoparticles directly into and onto the hair shaft. This enables the treatment to begin to repair the hair from the inside while simultaneously creating a protective film over the outer layer. Consider it a smoothing system with the added benefit of intense hydration. Unlike traditional keratin treatments, AGI ONE is based on silk proteins and amino acids to aid the hair and its health. A key product feature is that it doesn’t contain any formaldehyde.

Benefits of AGI ONE vs Keratin smoothing

All of these smoothing systems are are designed to de-frizz and calm your hair, AGI ONE does this with allot less of the hassles of a keratin treatment.

AGI One smooths and conditions the hair, providing frizz reduction, protection and incredible shine to the hair.

After the hair is treated you are able to wash your hair straight away and colour or tone the hair immedietaly afterwards. This avoids the uncomfortable 48 hours of keeping your hair straight and not washing it with a keratin process. Walk out feeling fab and enjoying all the benefits immediately.

The processing time for AGI ONE is considerably shorter than a keratin treatment and involves washing and conditioning your hair with the AGI ONE system products, followed by straightening.   

This system is available for any hair type with ranges catering to resistant thick hair, colour treated hair, and blonde hair!

AGI One systems contains coconut oil for added hydration & incredible shine, & contains NO Formaldehyde. Each treatment lasts between 3-5months. This is typically much longer than other smoothing treatments including keratin.

Remarkably, each time you wash and blow-dry your hair after an AGI ONE application, the product will activate. Its effect will eventually fade though, over time.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to frizz with AGI ONE then please give us a call to organise a free consultation.